"Think Smart, Think Online."

Market Sanjal is a creative digital marketing agency that combines the best from the world of business, creativity and strategy to build modern brands for our clients in Nepal.Market Sanjal is led by team of three entrepreneurs Rabi Lamichane, Prakash Regmi & Ashok chand . The team has vast experience in building brands and  comes with international education and experience with local touch. 

Market Sanjal – Digital Marketing Agency

Team of Entrepreneurs  founded the company on a belief that strong brands perform better, and that creativity can solve business problems in a time of change and constant digital transformation. Where clients more than ever need a lead agency to navigate their brand in the right direction.

There has been dramatic increase in number of digital users in Nepal. This trend is tend to rise in years to come. Millions of viewers on Youtube overnight, Instant Viral News are solid example of intense digitalization in Nepalese Society. Market Sanjal  helps our clients to addresses  these trends uniquely with integrated online strategies.


Currently , Social Media marketing concepts have been dramatically increasing . We almost each ads on Facebook, google , youtube everywhere . On top of this , Viral video concepts, Proper Facebook page management, Smart Ads play vital role in making any google / Facebook campaign successful. 

We come across many businesses in Nepal , they simply want to run ad without proper understanding of ad , budget , good website and social media integration. Our research and experience shows that following issues play important role to make digital campaigns successful. 

  1. Ad creativity
  2. Right Target Audience
  3. Right ad strategy
  4. Well-managed Facebook page
  5. Good presence in Youtube
  6. Updated and engaging website 
  7. Videos and smart contents
  8. Proper SEO of the business 


Updated and engaging website is important for conversion ad either on Facebook or google ad .There is difference if a customer spends minutes or second on your website . If you have engaging contents that visitors find useful , you are  most likely to convert the  customer. 


Let’s work together to generate more sales of your business and increase brand awareness.